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  • Griddle Cleaning 101
  • Searching for the best tips and tricks on cleaning your griddle after cooking?
    Check out the videos below for some of the best tips on griddle cleaning!
  • If you want a great quick minute video on how to clean your griddle after a meal, check this one out by @GrillThisSmokeThat!
  • Check out this great video by Todd Toven demonstrating his THREE levels of griddle cleaning after a delicious meal!
  • The Flat Top King gives you a detailed breakdown of how to properly clean your griddle after a meal!

    As long as you follow a few simple rules, you'll be able to properly maintain your flat top griddle without much work:
    1) Clean as you go - Watch how I use my bench scraper to clean as I'm cooking, so that the flat top never really gets that dirty!
    2) Control your temperature - Turn off the burners right before your food is done cooking. There should be plenty of residual heat left to finish carryover cooking.
    3) Move food off the heat - While cooking, you can move food off the heat to scrape down that area, and then move it back.
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